We manage the core areas that largely determine the success of a body corporate or home owners association. These are:

Financial management

Our financial management services include:

  1. Investment of surplus funds
    • Invest surplus funds at registered financial companies for the body corporate as required
  2. Suppliers
    • Order and pay for services and goods received on behalf of the body corporate
    • Pay contractors on behalf of the body corporate
  3. Municipality/Government
    • Negotiate and pay accounts, for example to municipalities or South African Revenue Services.
  4. Monitoring and control
    • Monitor cash flow on behalf of the body corporate
    • Advise the body corporate on financial aspects and problems
  5. Bank
    • Operate a bank account in the name of the body corporate with signing powers by two trustees or one trustee and one agent
    • Electronic access to bank account
  6. Levies
    • Collect monthly levies
    • Update a levy register for owners’ payments
    • Follow-up of arrears accounts and, where necessary, handing over the matter to attorneys for collection
    • Report to the body corporate on monthly levies
    • Correspondence with body corporate on receipt of money from other organisations or persons
  7. Financial information
    • Submit monthly financial information to trustees
  8. Audit
    • Correspondence with a registered auditor, where appointed
    • Liaise with an appointed auditor for year-end audit and other financial inputs.

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Administration management

Our administration management services include:

  1. Annual general meeting
    • Organise and attend the annual general meeting
    • Prepare all correspondence for the annual general meeting
    • Prepare an annual budget for approval at the annual general meeting
    • Prepare a levy schedule to make provision for funding for the next book year
  2. Minutes
    • Keep minutes of meetings attended
    • Keep documents such as attendance registers, minutes and reports up-to-date and in safe keeping
  3. Advise
    • Advise trustees on aspects of sectional title administration
    • Provide management and conduct rules to owners/lessees and trustees
    • Implement the rules for the trustees
    • Obtain specialised legal information from experts such as attorneys.
  4. Circulars
    • Distribute circular letters in respect of new levies, trustees etc after the AGM
    • Issue other circular letters when necessary
  5. Trustee meetings
    • Attend trustee meetings when necessary

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Maintenance management

Our maintenance management services include:

  1. Planning
    • Compile and quote on a short- and medium-term maintenance programme
    • Submit the maintenance plan for trustees or AGM approval
  2. Quotations
    • Obtain quotations from registered, qualified contractors
    • Seek approval of quotations by the trustees or AGM
  3. Inspection
    • Inspect contractors’ maintenance work
    • Give feedback to trustees on contractors’ work
  4. Visit to building(s)
    • Conduct regular visits
    • Notify the trustees of any irregularities
  5. Insurance
    • Prepare a schedule of replacement values for AGM approval
    • Insure building(s) at competitive premiums with registered firms
    • Submit and follow up on insurance claims

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Personnel management

Our personnel management services include:

  1. Appointment of personnel
    • Help trustees to appoint personnel
    • Complete contracts, registration of personnel etc with necessary organisations and government
  2. Dismissal of personnel
    • Help trustees with dismissals and/or retirement of personnel and completion of all forms for deregistration
  3. Salaries/wages
    • Administration of salaries and wages, deductions from salaries and payment to personnel
    • Pay deductions to authorities
    • Pay 13th cheque/s to personnel where necessary
  4. Leave
    • Supply leave forms (trustees to keep records of leave allocated to personnel)
  5. Disciplinary code
    • Compile a disciplinary and grievance code for personnel
    • Help trustees to implement and apply the codes

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Important amendments to the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937 and the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 are expected to be published in the Government Gazette by the end of 2010, before the conclusion of the current parliamentary session.